Saturday, April 16, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you had a good week : )  For the photo prompt today I thought it would be nice to get creative in a little different way.  And I think we will all really have fun seeing what everyone comes up with.....the prompt is:

Playing with toys

*Bunnies in the grass*

*Bunny crossing*

For my photos I decided to take pictures of my small tin bunnies in different locations, where I wouldn't normally have them out to enjoy.  It was a fun little experiment and mini adventure....trodding around to find three very different backgrounds.  And I honestly now can't decide which is my favorite.....

*Bunnies at the beach*

*Bunnies in the sand*

*Mommy Bunny*

At first when I took the photo of the bunnies in the grass it bothered me that the grass was so yellow, especially coming from the Pacific Northwest where the ground is so green and lush right now.....but once I saw the photo on Pumpkin I though it was a very fresh looking color for Spring, so now I love it!  The brick photo is cute, kinda like they are crossing a pathway and have to hurry along before someone comes.  And the beach photos were really fun to shoot!  Boy, did my jeans get all sandy and wet from laying down to get them.....LOL!!!  I can just imagine these three little bunnies hopping along down the beach with people stopping to look at how out of place they are and they just keep going on their merry way.  I have special plans for my project with these photos, and I hope it all works out <3

See ya soon!  Have a lovely weekend!!!
Love, Carrie

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