Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Muse



Here's to new discoveries!
Love, Carrie

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project Monday

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday to you!!!  For this week's project I'm sharing a layout I finally got around to creating using my colorful fair photos (from week before last).....

*S.D. Fair*

This layout ended up being very simple, but I think fun to look at.....just how I feel about that day  : )  I really wanted the photos to stand out, and since there were so many, each one is layered with a raffle ticket to give it a little bit of uniformity and add some quirky character.....

*S.D. Fair*

The raffle tickets and glittered thickers are from the lovely Color Me Miki shop, and I think are perfect for summer scrapbooking!

As far as last week's photos, I have decided to print up the collage I made to add to my 2011 album, so that's why there's no project with them today <3

I hope you're having a great summer.....see ya tomorrow!
Love, Carrie

Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Appointment with Friday

Hello lovely blog readers!  Happy Friday to you!!!  As promised, here are my summer solstice photos, along with a new spin on last week's prompt.....

On a Tuesday

*first day of summer*

My first day of summer was great.  I did the following.....
  • Had my first product photoshoot....yay!!!
  • Ate the best Philly cheesesteak covered fries EVER for lunch (was a dork and didn't get a photo)
  • Picked up photos from Costco for scrapbooking and hanging around my living room
  • Took both Gatsby and Ponyo on a long walk
  • Wore my summer shoes
  • Got lots of photos of different wildflowers
  • Turned on the fan (cuz it was hot) and inspired by all the pretty flowers decided to watch Marie Antoinette
  • Enjoyed a couple pieces of my favorite chocolates for a late afternoon snack
  • Spent the rest of my day playing on Pumpkin, editing photos, soaking up inspiration from some of my favorite blogs, and created a few blog posts on both my blogs
And here is a pic of my little boy playing in the flowers.....

*ponyo in the flowers*

I just love all the layers in this photo.....I think I might blow it up to hang on my inspiration wire.....


Well, I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my day : )  For this week's photo prompt the challenge is to pick a day of the week and document it as much (or as little) as you would like in photos.  It's pretty much the same as last week, except instead of documenting the first day of summer, you document a Tuesday, or Wednesday or Saturday, etc.  For me, honestly, the day started out with me not really feeling the whole taking photos all day thing, but once I was warmed up, I really enjoyed it a lot.....and I think you will too.  I hope you get a chance to play along!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Love, Carrie

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Muse { Layout }

Here is my final layout for the Pink Ninjas for the lovely month of June.  I ended up using the photo from yesterday's summer muse post, so I thought it would be fun to share here today (just like last week : ).....

*my muse* layout

I layered six different patterned papers, and to help give uniformity used my sewing machine to sew almost all the pieces together with yellow thread.  There is also a bit of white paint splatter and Mister Huey's color mist in Bonny Blue.....

*my muse* layout {sewing}

*my muse* layout {title}

I have been wanting to add the title of my layout directly onto a photo for a while now, so it was really fun to finally be able to do it with this project.  And that's pretty much it.  Fairly simple, but still fun!  See you tomorrow with my summer solstice pics!!!

Love, Carrie

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Muse

*smells like home*

Who wants to wake up to the sun kissing their face this summer?!?  Happy day two of summertime!.....See you tomorrow with a new layout : )

Love, Carrie

Monday, June 20, 2011

Your Appointment with Friday

OK. So this week's photo prompt is a little different than my regularly scheduled routine.  Since tomorrow is the first day of summer as well as the summer solstice I thought it would be fun to see.....
How much can you fit into the longest day of the year?

And so for my example photos, I thought it would be fun to share pics from when I went to the fair with Steph last week.....
*Del Mar Fair* {1}

Once through the entrance lined with license plates and into onto the fairgrounds the first thing we did was take pictures in a photobooth (which I hadn't done in like 15 years)!  It was the perfect way to start out our day!!!  After that, we shared an caramel apple cup....hmmmm soooo goood!

Next, we walked through the gems and woodworking (which I didn't get any good photos of), and then strolled through all colorful rides and fun looking games.....

*Del Mar Fair* {2}

I ended up going on this ride, which is now my favorite (that's me in the pink top and gray jeans).....

*Del Mar Fair* {3}

There was even a sign out in front of the ride saying that it is from Neverland Ranch (which I think is really cool : )

Then we walked through and looked at most of the animals.....the cows, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks.....and I thought these curly haired goats were so cute.....
*Del Mar Fair* {4}
By then we had decided it was time for more fair food, so we shared these delicious fresh potato chips with melted cheese.....

*Del Mar Fair* {5}

And something sweet was in order after all that salt, so I got a cool and refreshing iced lemonade and Steph drank a mocha freeze while we enjoyed looking at all the pretty flowers and plants.

One of the photos below is a chair with a cushion made entirely of succulents. Beautiful.....
*Del Mar Fair* {6}
*Del Mar Fair* {7}

And that's pretty much it for my day. I didn't do much after returning was a fun filled full day, that's for sure : )

So, I'm going to try and create a project with one or all of these photos to share here tomorrow, but for sure I'll have an inspirational post for Wednesday, as well as another layout on Thursday.  Then, on Friday I'll share my summer solstice pics.

Of course, this prompt does not have to be completed tomorrow, if it works out best you can document any full day of your week.  And if you do, don't forget to share on our Flickr group because we all love to see your inspiration!

A big thanks to Steph for going to the fair with me, and for taking the pics with me in them!

Have a great week everyone!!!
Love, Carrie

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Sis { Layout }

This is another layout I created for the Pink Ninjas, using their awesome *isn't she lovely~oner upper* kit.  And since I ended up adding some of the photos from yesterday's summer muse post, I thought it would be fitting to share it with you here today.....

*little sis*

I used yellow glimmer mist on the orange strip of paper, and layered three different papers around the border of the layout.....

*little sis*

*little sis*

I also added yellow glimmer mist to most of the chipboard pieces.  It was weird for me to not use any paint splatter or sewing on this project, but now that it's all put together I really like how clean the lines look, so I guess it all worked out OK.  In the future, I doubt I'll end up having time to make layouts using all my summer muse photos, but I will try and sneak one in here and there just for fun : )

See you tomorrow for a new photo prompt!
Love, Carrie

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Muse

A garden carried in the pocket.

*Summer Muse*

What is growing in your garden today?
Love, Carrie

P.S. See you tomorrow for a layout I created using these photos : )

Monday, June 13, 2011

Project Monday

Well, I did it.  I finished the layout with my peony photos, and now it is cheerfully hanging in my living ready to be overwhelmed with pink and yellow?!?

*Peony Love*

I was lucky enough this month to have the Pink Ninjas ask me to design for them again this month, so I used their *isn't she lovely ~ oner upper* kit to create my layout.  And I just havvveeee to say (cuz I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before ; ), that their kits are the BEST to create with!  The best variety of fun goodies!!!

Here are some of the details of my layout.....

I used yellow and peach glimmer mist on the vintage flowers, as well as on some of the strips of paper.

*Peony Love*

Used lots of paper layering and sewing.....

*Peony Love*

*Peony Love*

And layered and layered some more : )

I Hope you have a lovely week!  See you on Wednesday for an inspirational photo post!!!
Love, Carrie

Friday, June 10, 2011

Your Appointment with Friday

Since this is the last Friday before Summer officially begins, I thought it would be nice for us to look around and find something that is.....

Uniquely Spring

*uniquely spring*

This is my first bouquet of peonies, and boy am I hooked.  I think they are just so beautiful.  Ryan brought them home for me last week, and now the last of the giant blooms are finally starting to fade.....

*pink peonies*
*pink peonies*

Honestly, I am a little sad that I probably won't be able to buy more since peonies season is pretty much over.....but now I have these pretty pictures to remember them by.  I think for my project with these pics, I'm going to create a layout so I can display it in my living room just for fun : )

When you look around is there anything that stands out as uniquely Spring to you?  Or maybe you have a Spring tradition, like Spring cleaning???

Enjoy your weekend!
Love, Carrie

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello June

*love u*
(photo by My Sweetie)

Well, I don't know about you, but to me if feels like it's almost summertime.....and as you can see I missed last week's posts because I was busy enjoying the creation of my new Bubblegum Life summer blog design.  My sweet baby sister, Blondie, is my adorable muse for this season, and each Wednesday for the next month or so I'll be sharing a photo from our magical photoshoot together.  Today however, I want to tell you lovely readers and fellow artists how much I appreciate and love you.  Thank you for making beautiful things.  I hope that Bubblegum Life helps you find a little inspiration.....inspiration from other artists, and also from inside you.  Sweet dreams  <3  Carrie