Friday, November 12, 2010

Your appointment with Friday

Welcome back to another fun Friday photo prompt!  We are excited because this is our first photo prompt that also has journaling!!!  The prompt is:

A recipe for Fall.

*A Recipe for Fall*

I decided to make two versions for this photo and journaling prompt.  The photo above has text I added in photoshop, and the one below has text I added onto my printed photo with a fine tip sharpee.....

Carrie's Hot Chocolate

Honestly, I really don't enjoy having my own handwriting on my projects.  But, I am also really poor at journaling.  The way I see it, is that I need practice.....and maybe to just get used to the way my writing looks.  What I thought was so cool about this prompt was that the journaling is easy.  It's just a recipe, so a no brainer.  And in the process I get to document a piece of my Fall routine with a favorite recipe that I use often.  For me, the key was to just make it simple.  If I cooked everyday, then I would use one of those recipe's, but I don' this worked for me.  And yes, you should totally try making hot chocolate like this.  It's sooooo good!!!  I also really enjoy adding marshmallows!  Yummy!!!

When you go to take your photo this week, just make sure to leave enough negative space to add your recipe directly on the photo.  And of course your photo can be of a finished recipe, maybe just you cooking, one of the ingredients, a cooking utensil, or whatever you like really.  Just as long as it fits to you.

I can't wait to see some or your Fall recipes, and it would be really cool for you to upload it to our Flickr group, so others can see too  : )  Have fun creating your memory!


Time to get to the kitchen to show our cooking skills.....

Gloria's Recipe for Fall

I am not a great cook but I do love to make food for people I love.  So, this is the time of year that I get to do exactly that.....Make some yummy food for all my peeps.  I am not a huge recipe person.  Usually I make things that I am familiar with and I don't try new things.....but I think I should.  So, when my sister in law sent me this recipe and I saw it kind of had my name in the mix (get it ), I knew I was making MUFFINS.  I love these because you can add whatever you like, and the kids without knowing, are eating.....carrots.....

Well, I hope you try these they are really good : )

Love, Gloria and Carrie

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