Friday, January 28, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Welcome to another weekend with your camera : ) This weeks prompt is to take a portrait of yourself somewhere you normally wouldn't be, and then add a caption.  It could be a description of what's going on, the emotion your feeling, or whatever.  The idea is to get your creativity going.....kinda like jump starting your creative engine.  So, if you're feeling the winter blues, or just need some new inspiration please join us on this fun for life photo prompt:

Getting creative.

*i'm ready*

First off, I have to say that this is a prompt that is growing on me.  The more I get involved with the process, the more I am loving it!  For starters, once I thought about it, it was easy to decide on where to take my photos.....laying on the soft moss in my backyard that I think is soooo beautiful.  I use to lay in the grass all the time when I lived in Washington and never do here in San Diego.  It was lovely.  Soft.  My favorite color.  It brought a smile to my face and made my heart feel light as a feather.

*naturally me*

When I got back to my computer and looked at the photos, I realized that I had forgot to put any makeup on this morning.  This got me thinking about my captions, and just like I had hoped my creative engine took off.  I thought about how much I feel at home in that place.  Even though there isn't a lot of green where I live, I found some.  It reminded me that I am ready to make life a natural way.....but still in a way that makes my dreams a reality. 

See what I mean about this prompt growing on you?!?  Grab your camera and find creativity.....


And here's Gloria's photo.....

Holy cow I am under the table. 

I wanted to be silly and take a picture under a table.  It's kinda wacky but it also makes you  feel young at heart.  Have fun with taking a creative picture.

Love, Gloria and Carrie

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  1. I love this prompt! Thank you for the inspiration. Here is my contribution.

    I love your blog! Keep on inspiring!

    h e a t h e r