Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello June

*love u*
(photo by My Sweetie)

Well, I don't know about you, but to me if feels like it's almost summertime.....and as you can see I missed last week's posts because I was busy enjoying the creation of my new Bubblegum Life summer blog design.  My sweet baby sister, Blondie, is my adorable muse for this season, and each Wednesday for the next month or so I'll be sharing a photo from our magical photoshoot together.  Today however, I want to tell you lovely readers and fellow artists how much I appreciate and love you.  Thank you for making beautiful things.  I hope that Bubblegum Life helps you find a little inspiration.....inspiration from other artists, and also from inside you.  Sweet dreams  <3  Carrie


  1. Aw I love you and your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration you've given me. Your new blog design looks fab! Hope you have a happy Summer! XxX

  2. Dear Carrie,
    The blog looks beautiful. You did a very nice job. Hope you are staying cool..G